Pininos Project

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Pininos Project: beginnings


Since 1995 Cesvitem has been carrying out long-distance support projects in Peru for the benefit of children living on the outskirts of Trujillo, the country’s third most populous city after Lima and Arequipa. Since 2002 the organization has itself been managing, through its Peruvian office, the Pininos project (“little steps” in Spanish, the official language of Peru). Active in 5 urban districts around the periphery of Trujillo (La Esperanza, Florencia De Mora, El Porvenir, Moche and Huanchaco), Pininos currently is helping about 1,800 children living in poverty or in conditions of severe deprivation.

The project is managed in collaboration with 41 Clubes de Madres based in the 5 districts. The Clubes are a well-established institution in Peru. Founded as legal organizations and run by volunteers they are made up of mothers living in poverty or in conditions of severe deprivation who, uniting to help each other, provide solid support and a more hopeful outlook for their children. Cesvitem relies on the Clubes to identify children eligible for long-distance support as well as for the carrying out of the activities planned and financed by the project.