Kukula Project

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Kukula Project: beginnings


Cesvitem has been engaged since 1999 in long-distance support projects in the very different world of Mozambique, the aim of which is to provide an opportunity to grow and develop for the children of disadvantaged families. The organization is especially active on the outskirts of the capital, Maputo where – because of the continuing influx of people from rural areas – vast shanty towns have sprung up, inhabited by thousands of families who live at subsistence level.

One such quarter is Xipamanine. Here, about 25,000 people live in crowded conditions lacking almost all services: unpaved streets, ramshackle housing with no electricity, indoor plumbing or running water, no sanitation system and no drainage system for rainwater (with the result that the water becomes stagnant and mosquitoes – and, thererfore, malaria - proliferate). In the barrio, except for the Boa Esperança Centre for street children, managed by the Mozambiquan Red Cross, and a few other small projects, there is currently no active, permanent project to promote help with children’s growth and development.

This is why in November 2006 Cesvitem launched the Kukula long-distance support project. (Kukula means “to grow up” in the Changana dialect). Its purpose is to enable the full development of children up to the age of 20 years, guaranteeing their basic rights and enabling their integration in society. Alongside these activities there are additional project objectives, such as putting some basic services in place in order to improve the daily living conditions of people in the quarter.