Correspondence and field trips

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Long distance sponsorship: correspondence and field trpis

Mutually involved solidarity

Deriving from a more personally experienced “culture of solidarity”, long-distance support holds out the prospect of deep mutual involvement, with equal dignity, between the benefiting child (and her/his family) and the Italian sponsor. In fact, Cesvitem recommends written correspondence between patrons and beneficiaries and also encourages field trips by the former, in the belief that this promotes better understanding and the establishment of more authentic human relationships.

Letters and communication

All of Cesvitem’s long-distance support projects encourage written correspondence between the sponsor and the beneficiary, considering it to be – for both – an important form of cultural enrichment. Two communications per year are suggested between the sponsored child and the patron. If the child has not yet learned to write, the letter will be written by a relative or by a social worker who looks after him/her. Patrons can respond by sending letters, photos or postcards.

Field trips to the projects

As well as correspondence, it is possible to visit the project and to meet the supported child. The trip, the cost and organization of which remains entirely the responsibility of the patron, requires a lot of adaptability and careful planning, bearing in mind that one is absolutely not visiting a tourist area. For this reason, it is necessary to give Cesvitem’s Italian HQ adequate notice so that the visit can be organized in line with local culture and circumstances.

However, we strongly advise sponsors not to invite supported children to there own countries. Quite apart from the bureaucratic problems there is the difficulty the children would face in adapting to an environment so different from their own and the distress which they would suffer on having to return to their country of origin.