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Long distance sponsorship: contributions and duration

Only 65 euro cent each day

The minimum contribution for the long-distance support of a child is 240 euros per year: 65 cent per day. The contribution can be paid all at once in full, or in instalments over a period of time chosen by the sponsor (20 euros per month, 40 euros bimonthly, 60 euros quarterly,…). The Becas project in Peru is an exception, requiring a contribution of 320 euros to be paid in one instalment by January 31st of each year.

A sponsor commits to give support for at least one year, although this is the hoped-for minimum period of continuity which ensures that sponsored children will receive sustained help during the most critical years of their growth. However, a sponsor can withdraw support at any time, giving adequate notice to Cesvitem’s Italian headquarters so that another sponsor can be found to continue the support.

Other than withdrawal by the sponsor, long-distance support usually concludes when the child leaves the programme having reached the age limit or having concluded his/her studies. But it can also end early if the child gives up schooling, does not take part in the prescribed project activities or if the family moves to another area. If one of the latter outcomes applies, the sponsor receives a letter explaining the reasons for ending the support, together with a proposal for the support of another child to which the sponsor, if desired, can transfer the commitment.

[ONLY FOR ITALY] Because Cesvitem is recognized as a non-governmental organization (NGO) and as a not-for-profit organization of social utility (Organismo Non Lucrativo di Utilità Sociale [ONLUS]), contributions made to long-distance support projects are deductible from taxable income in the maximum amount of 10% of the income up to a limit of 70,000 euros annually. To take advantage of this concession it is necessary to keep the payment receipts.