Becas de Estudio Project

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Becas de Estudio Project: beginnings


On the outskirts of Trujillo, Peru’s third city, Cesvitem has been carrying out the Pininos long-distance support project since 2002. It involves about 1,800 children living in poverty or in conditions of severe deprivation. The initiative is directed at helping children between the ages of 4 and 12 years, the latter being the age at which they usually finish primary school. The decision to put an age-limit on support is dictated by a number of factors, first among them the wish to bring younger children into the project and to allow them in their turn to be supported at a distance by an Italian family during what are the most crucial years of their growth and development.

As an ideal continuation to the Pininos project, in 2003 Cesvitem launched Becas de Estudio (“study grant” in Spanish, Peru’s official language). It is directed at those children who, having left Pininos, have not the means to continue their studies either by enrolling in secondary school (lasting 5 years) or at a post-secondary institute of higher education (lasting 3 years). The beneficiaries are selected from among the children involved in Pininos, taking into account their primary school performance and the ability and willingness of their families to support them during the years of study.