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In 2011 defend the rights of the South of the world!

A nursery school and a computer center in Peru, an aqueduct and a center for street children in Kenya, a radio and a community center in Mozambique: these are the objectives of Cesvitem for this year. Six projects for the South of the world, six ideas to strengthen the fundamental rights of every person, starting with the right to education.

For four of these initiatives will continue our activities, fundraising and field workk, initiated in previous years. Instead, two firsts: the Kwetu Home Project in Kenya, through which for the first time we will work with street children in Nairobi, and the CIP Trujillo Project, with which we will create a computer center for boys of our sponsorship projects in Peru.

Check out the coloured tabs where, with a few clicks, you will find the details of each initiative: what we will do, where we will do it and the resources we will use. You will also find updates of the work carried out.