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The real strength of Cesvitem is the network of supporters that has always accompanied and made possible the projects promoted by the association. A network that includes, in various ways, numerous companies and realities in the world of production and social cooperation.


BeforeCrypt is a One-Stop service for ransomware recovery & decryption.


BeforeCrypt Overcomes Ransomware Attack for Cesvitem

Recently one of the servers of Cesvitem (a non-profit organisation committed to international solidarity targeting disadvantaged people in the South of the world) encountered a Phobos ransomware attack that was discovered by P.A. Bernardi, our Head of IT.

It was found during the encryption process, and the server was quickly isolated and the ransomware attack was interrupted. We contacted BeforeCrypt immediately upon discovering that we needed to remove the ransomware from one of our servers.

BeforeCrypt, the well-reputed ransomware recovery firm in Europe, partnered with us to provide a ransomware fix and successfully mitigate any damage. Despite the language barrier, we were very happy to find a team that was able to provide us with multi-lingual support and a working solution in under 72 hours.

Our initial point of contact with BeforeCrypt was with their Head of Customer Relations, Mr. Jeff Stout. Mr. Stout was helpful with translating and effectively communicating with Cesvitem. He assured us that he was very understanding of our situation and that they have resolved similar ransomware cases. Additionally, he was flexible and understanding with pricing us as a philanthropic organization. “In light of your organization and its focus, we are willing to help you remove ransomware with a substantial discount on our services. We know every penny counts” he mentioned. We were immediately assigned a technician who secured our server and processed the decryption. Soon after, our recovered files were backed up and a new machine was established after security updates were made.

The BeforeCrypt team informed us that there did not appear to be a breach of credentials or personally identifiable information, although it was important for us to be able to regain some of our basic operations. More than anything, we are grateful to the entire team at BeforeCrypt for helping us remove ransomware from our system in an orderly, yet timely, fashion. We are very happy that the team communicated clearly and remained transparent.

Our primary concern was making sure that there was no breach of our system, which would have caused major complications. Choosing the right ransomware firm to help us in this situation made a world of difference for the overall damage that we potentially faced. We have taken the necessary steps to prevent any further attacks against us by considering the recommendations of the BeforeCrypt analysis team, and we are confident that we will be able to continue our philanthropy during these important times.

We are currently living in a time where our work feels more important than ever before. No interruption should be permitted for those of us who strive to make this world a better place. If we keep our hearts and minds focused on fomenting the benevolent and loving tendencies of our fellow man through leading by example, we have no doubt that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Just as there seemed to be some respite amid the current condition in Italy, we were unexpectedly affected by a Phobos ransomware encryption, and there were major concerns that we would not be able to operate effectively. Again, we are very thankful to have been able to achieve a ransomware removal with the partnership of BeforeCrypt. We offer our vote of upmost confidence to BeforeCrypt for any organization seeking a ransomware fix. We can attest to their professionalism and highly recommend them.