An investment in the future of the world

An investment in the future of the world


Young people of today for a better world tomorrow; this is the ethos of the sponsorship programmes promoted by Cesvitem.  A straightforward and engaging kind of solidarity that enables children and young people born in to, and growing up in, conditions of poverty and hardship to build a hopeful future for themselves, their families and their country. Less than one Euro a day is enough to join one of our projects. You can give a child a unique opportunity to change their lives and you can help us to build a fairer world. Read more...

2011 Objectives

A refuge and a computer centre in Peru, an aqueduct and a centre for homeless boys in Kenya, a radio station and a community centre in Mozambique: these are some of Cesvitem’s objectives for 2011. Three projects for the southern world, and three proposals to strengthen respect for the fundamental rights of every person, which begin with the right to education. It’s easy to get involved: find out about the details of our projects, choose one that you consider the most valuable and join us. The dream of a better world begins here. Read more...

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