Vision and mission

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Our vision: a world without Cesvitem

The principle which animates the activity of Cesvitem in the Southern world is the idea of “self-development”: from 1987 to today our imperative has been to create the opportunity for real and sustainable growth in the quality of life of people in developing countries. From our perspective, such opportunities should be generated by the people themselves. Only in this way is it possible to think of bridging the wealth gap between the North and South of the planet while avoiding the replication of economic, cultural and political dependency.

So our vision - our dream - is a world without Cesvitem. We work for the promotion of social justice and for a more equal distribution of wealth. We work to guarantee to the peoples of the Southern world the right to be active participants in the building of their own future. We work for a world in which there will be no longer the need for our intervention as intermediaries of development.

Our mission: we develop education, we educate on development

Action South: we develop education

Promoting the right to education is the fundamental step in offering the same opportunities to all, in giving the children of today the instruments with which to make their own choices and with which to become integrated and active participants in society and in the world. This is why the right to education must be considered to relate not only to the rights of the individual but rather as a crucial investment in the self-development of the whole population. Lack of education deprives not only the individual of reaching her potential but deprives the entire society of the foundation for its own development. Therefore, we commit ourselves:

  • to remove all obstacles (social, economic and structural) which impede access to education
  • to ensure equality of access for males and females
  • to help to improve the quality of instruction, the educational infrastructure and the training of teachers
  • to promote activities concerning the education of the adult population with a view to creating the basis of a better life for children
  • to boost technical and professional instruction, at secondary and university level, to promote the training of middle managers capable of planning and implementing local economic activities
  • to support productive projects which, on the one hand allow families – and therefore, children – to enjoy a better quality of life and, on the other hand create work opportunities, with managerial responsibilities, for local young people who have completed their studies.

Action North: we educate on development

In the task of promoting the self-development of the Southern world, the rôle of those who live in the North cannot be limited to that of aid and economic support. Success depends on a fundamental rethinking of what we mean by “development”, given that the model on which we have based our quality of life is being shown up in all its limitations pertaining to injustice and the environment. This is why we propose to go to meet the people of the Southern world, to embrace new models and ways of life, to create together a new balance and a new conception of “moderate” development which makes possible the building of a better and, above all, more just world. Therefore, we commit ourselves:

  • to promote dialogue between cultures with the intention of deepening mutual understanding, respect and solidarity between people
  • to promote a new conception of development which, taking its cue from the needs of the Southern world and our responsibility for future generations, directs itself towards moderation and justice
  • to promote an examination of conscience regarding the power inherent in our day-to-day actions and the responsibilities which derive from them
  • above all else, to involve young people in these priorities, because tomorrow is in the hands of the younger generations