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The principles to which we are committed

Since its foundation, Cesvitem, even though it operates in different spheres of activity and in different geographical areas, has always kept faith with some inspirational principles. These values represent the roots of our organization and their validity remains unaltered, despite the changing situations and the changing needs of the people with whom we work. Our values remind us always of where we come from and help us better to plan our future. On these values we base the relationships within our organization (with associates and employees) and our external relationships, with local partners, with the beneficiaries of our projects and with the supporters who back our initiatives.

Independence: we work independently and autonomously with no political or religious affiliation. We are a lay and pluralist organization and we consider that distinction to be a value.

Equality: we are inspired by universal principles of fraternity and human solidarity and by a vision of an egalitarian world. We work with impartiality for the promotion of the rights of the person without racial, religious, cultural, gendered or political distinction. We repudiate every form of discrimination in our internal and external relationships.

Participation: we continually seek dialogue with local communities, so that our work takes its cue from the needs and aspirations which they themselves express, respecting their culture and boosting their active participation. This is why we are open to engagement with the interests of all community entities, public or private. Our aim is to strengthen such relationships.

Dialogue: we want to position ourselves as a bridge between the North and South of the world, promoting intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding and respect between peoples and between different cultures.

Transparency: we manage and communicate all our initiatives with transparency and respect for truth. We solicit donations giving full information regarding the purpose of the collection and the eventual outcome. Our finances and economic management are externally audited, giving account of the objectives pursued, their outcomes and any corrective actions.

Efficiency: we pledge ourselves to use methods and resources in accordance with the highest standards of probity, optimizing their use in pursuit of our organizational objectives. We keep management costs within acceptable levels with a view to passing the maximum possible value to those who benefit from our work.

Positiveness: even in circumstances of great difficulty we try to make the most of local people and resources, facing up to reality in a positive frame of mind and helping each individual to be aware of her or his self-worth. Therefore, we refuse to work in the basis of pity or commiseration.