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Logo Ce.Svi.Te.M. Onlus

CE.SVI.TE.M. Onlus
Centre for Third World Development

Cesvitem (Centro Sviluppo Terzo Mondo - Centre for Third World Development) is an Italian not-for-profit organization working in the field of international co-operation. It has no political or religious affiliation.

Since 1987 it has committed itself, through long-distance support projects and projects of solidarity and co-operation, to the promotion of self-development amongst the people of the Southern world. Its aim is to progressively bridge the wealth gap between the North and South of our planet while avoiding the replication of economic, cultural and political dependency.

Within Italy, Cesvitem promotes a deeper understanding of the human, cultural and religious values of the Southern world in the conviction that the deepening of mutual respect and solidarity between peoples is the first step towards the building of a just future with more equally shared life chances.

Cesvitem is a non-governmental organization (NGO) recognized since 02/07/2003 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with decree number 2003/337/002531/2.